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Axtel Prime X3 duo SE

The Axtel Prime X3 duo SE headset is inspired with the struggle to overcome the professional exclusion of people with partial or complete visual impairment.

Słuchawki axtel prime x3 z przodu. Pod spodem stacja do słuchawek
Słuchawki axtel prime x3 z przodu. Pod spodem stacja do słuchawek

Widespread functionality and application

Intuitive buttons on the base unit and handset as well as the MFB multifunctional control button allow the user to decide whether to answer or end a call and to switch between three communication channels. In addition, the MFB button has a built-in “active call indicator LED” integrated with the base, which informs the surroundings about the ongoing call.

TheAxtel Prime X3 duo SE headset has a built-in advanced noise cancellation system and crystal clear HD sound. All noise and unwanted sounds are eliminated to ensure an optimal business call environment. Superior HD audio with advanced noise cancellation, keeps you fully focused and comfortable even in the most noisy environments. The latest Axtel Prime X3 duo SE is a combination of modern technology and minimalist design.

Innovative channel listening-in function

The innovative function enables you to listen to other communication channels (computer / cell phone) while having a conversation on another one. This newest function was developed in order to facilitate work at the computer for visually disabled. It is compatible with systems and communication platforms supporting visually impaired people.

Signaling features assisting the user at work

Appropriate voice massages  inform the user of an incoming call by indicating the source of the call: desk phone, cell phone or PC. The call can be answered from the handset as well as from the base station or a compatible softphone application. In addition, an incoming call is signaled by an acoustic message and by the flashing of pictogram on the headset and by the flashing in green of the corresponding pictogram on the base station.

Słuchawki axtel prime x3 z boku

Volume and microphone sensitivity adjustment

The volume and microphone sensitivity can be fully adjusted as desired. The headset volume is adjusted using the buttons on the headset. Extreme positions are indicated by a single beep. It is also possible to adjust the microphone sensitivity using the buttons on the back of the base unit. Sensitivity can be set individually for each channel separately (desk phone / computer / mobile phone). This is an very convenient solution that allows you to perfectly adjust the device to individual preferences.

Special connection cable

Specially designed connecting cable compatible with most models of ldesk phones available on the market. Embossed markings make it easy to select the right type of cable by touch.

Voice Guidance

The Axtel Prime X3 duo SE automatically alerts you when the battery is charged, when it needs to be recharged, and when there is an active channel or incoming call.

Headset and base unit location feature

In order to facilitate the use of the Axtel Prime X3 duo SE by people with partial or complete visual impairment, the device  is equipped with headset and base unit  locator feature that can be used to locate both \ with the help of an audio messages.

To make the usage of  easier for people with partial or complete visual impairment to use the headset, the headset has a handset and base locator feature that can be used to locate both the handset and base with the help of an audio messages.

Stacja do słuchawek axtel prime x3



1 – Simultaneous connection with three devices: a mobile phone, a landline phone, and a computer

2 – Location function for handset and base

3 – Innovative channel listening function

4 – Wireless range up to 400 meters

5 – A product with Bluetooth® technology which enables connectivity between devices

6 – Light and voice messages

7 – High performance battery up to 12 hours and active work

Technical data

Type of work: Around the office
Type of enviroment: High noise
Category: wireless
Headset connectivity: Desk phone, USB, Bluetooth
Compatibility: Desk phone / softphone / smartphone
Sound quality Wideband
Advance Noise-canceling: strong
Noise-cancelling microphone: Yes
Acoustic Protection Technology: 85 / 87 / 105 decibels A
Digital Signal Processing Technology: Yes
Automatic Gain Control Technology: Yes
Plug&play: Yes
Wearing Style: Duo/mono
Wireless Technology: DECT, BLUETOOTH
Talk Time: 10 hours